05 . 11 . Importunate . 2021

‘Importunate’ Few chewing on this with Sharp bite momentum secondary ill disputed does not die why fight spin current waving Rights shameless Cautionary Stale Gags defined rhymes selling Mourning Glories Bloom Abundantly Clearly Conceited Spies Hiding In Plain Sight.

Subordinate Do viewing gone miss myth tarp tight ‘Addendum’ legendary Still Refuted Buzz What Fly By Night Inherent Braving Cites Same Mess Honorary Fail Lags behind times telling warning stories Zoom redundantly Nearly repeated lies riding thin gain slight.

MAGA Stuff SPIN Ubiquitous ‘Ubiety’ remaining BOLD days end high in DEAL more or reckoned less in ‘Ragamuffin’ Society Where Inner Circles Unbroken Dreams Resented Bold Plan Hacking More. 

‘Ragamuffin’ Conspicuous Anxiety Retaining Old Ways Bend Why Spin Wheel For Second Guess Win TAG the Gruff Grin ‘Ubiety’ Dare Spinner hurdles done spoken schemes presented Told Man Sacking Store.

Extortionate revealing Subtracting ‘Addendum’ merely Multiplied to Sub Divide Great Rushed Straining to violate Pity some feeding Face Baits Dope Notes Printed Process Access Agreed After Negotiations Continue Through the Seven Year Night Itch.

‘Importunate’ Concealing Rub Acting Foment Numb Fear be Signified do Coincide Straight Flushed Draining through Violent City Competing Race States Hope Votes Hinted Obsess Progress the Seed Laughter Free Consultations Spun Venue True the Heaven Fear Fight Switch.

* *  Better Observing Distance Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme **  But Why *   “That’s Entertainment”   ***  Data*Datta* *Funny*Money  *** Quick&Dirty  ** Subtext Linking Layering on Thick  ** BRAND WORDY **  As Work Still in Progress  ** Character Driven Mad  **  For Amusement Only. **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN. * All the Same:   Disputed Territorial Health Caring     Revolutionary Actors Shaping STRANGE Over              Refuted Professorial Wealth Sharing          Paramilitary Factors Vaping Range Rover.

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